Somou Al Resalah International School was established in Jubail since 2016. Our school, at all its levels, is keen to provide world-class education based on the best practices of education and global pedagogy. Our school supports an educational model in which the faculty members follow a project-based and experimental learning approach with the aim of providing the students with the cognitive, academic, and social skills needed to succeed in their daily lives. Somou Al Resalah School provides its students with a comprehensive and integrated learning environment, in which each student has a specific learning path that is specially designed to meet his/her individual needs, taking into account each student’s learning style and pace. The educational process is carried out in small groups, in which technology is seamlessly integrated to develop their curiosity and creativity and instill the spirit of initiative Students’ personalities develop and grow at an early age, which confirms and assure the importance of consolidating moral and ethical beliefs in a positive way in their youth. Therefore, our curriculum- in general- focuses on providing the kingdom’s future with a generation that enjoys flexibility and independency, capable of facing and handling daily life challenges. We aspire that our students will set out to be thinkers, and creative people with curiosity towards knowledge and learning. That they will be known and distinguished for their ability to adapt, cope and motivate themselves. Our students will form a new generation filled with enthusiasm, ready to compete on international platforms. Join us at Somou Al Resalah to build a sustainable economy for our country and to offer a better future for our sons and daughters.

Our vision

To devise a distinct international educational curriculum that conveys the future of global competency.

Our Mission

To provide educational services with distinct international standards in motivating, inspiring and engaging environment.



  • 1 Presence of the guardian and his \ her son \ daughter at the school for which they want to be registered.
  • 2 Receive an interview and submit the necessary papers to the administration for admission and registration.
  • 3 Payment of tuition fees to secure available space.
  • 4 Adhere to the school entry age for the early childhood education levels, kindergarten, and first grade (boys and girls), must be the age required by the Ministry of Education.
  • 5 Read the registration information for the desired educational levels and sign for confirmation of understand and accurate information.
  • 1 Filling out the school’s enrollment request form.
  • 2 Bring the original and a copy of the birth certificate copy of the student to be registered.
  • 3 Copies of the vaccination certificate with the complete vaccination schedule determined by the Ministry of Health.
  • 4 A family ID card copy with the student to be registered is added or residence permit (iqamah) for non-Saudi.
  • 5 Bring six passport photos.
  • 6 Take the medical record form from the school administration and complete the procedures.
  • 7 For the grades student's file from the previous school with the ministry approval and the leaving certificate , during registration time or signing a commitment sheet to submit it 15 days from the beginning of the session.